Loro Piana- the yarn of excellence

ALBA cashmere knitwear is proudly produced with the exclusive yarn by Loro Piana. The Italian textile company Loro Piana is in addition of being a famous high quality fashion brand, a producer of the finest fibres in the world. At it´s historic Italian headquarters in Quarona, Lora Piana develops some of the most beautiful yarns used by artisans, it´s true quality without compromise.

Loro Piana is owned by the Loro Piana family together with the LVMH group, with the chairman Antonine Arnault. LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton group is a French corporation and conglomerate specializing in luxury goods, headquartered in Parice, France

The two brothers running the Loro Piana family business together

“The most exclusive knitwear garments have a secret: Loro Piana yarns, created using the finest natural raw materials in the world and 100% Made in Italy. To ensure the highest quality, our yarns are processed with care and dedication every step of way. Furthermore, every year the Loro Piana Research and Development Laboratory studies more than 600 knitting stitches and experiments with new yarns to create precious knitwear garments with a unique look and feel. An artisan’s attention to detail and innovative creativity are the essence of Loro Piana Yarns”

“Mongolia is where the finest lots of this highly prized fibre come from. By working directly in the countries in question Loro Piana has built a privileged relationship with herders who breed the Hircus goats witch produce cashmere. Once a year the precious fleeces are harvested using a delicate combing process witch is totally harmless to the animals. Each goat yields around 450-500 grams of rawmaterial every year; after the coarse outer hairs are removed this goes down to no more than 250 grams. Because only the highest quality cashmere is used to make Loro Piana yarns and fabrics”

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All photos taken by Cecilie Refsum, owner Alba

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