Premium essentials

Designed in Oslo | Crafted in Italy


ALBA is a Norwegian brand based in Oslo. We create premium essentials crafted in Italy. Scandinavian simplicity combined with a continental flair makes ALBA your everyday favourite of relaxed luxury.

We combine classic craftmanship with modern knowledge to produce high quality tights and cashmere knit, perfect for our Scandinavian lifestyle.

We believe in sustainable living and slow fashion that last for years. Buy quality, buy less, recycle and repair.

ALBA means sunrise in Italian – and we wish you a wonderful day!


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We use natural fibres in order to make the most comfortable garments. Our cashmere clothes are all made from 100% Italian cashmere of the highest quality. Cashmere is one of finest raw materials in the world, known for its exquisite softness, lightness and warmth. This luxurious fibre is collected from the cashmere goat, Capra hircus, in northern Mongolia.


We are very proud of our production in northern Italy, where we collaborate with craftsmen and artisans who have learned their skills through generations. Wearing our clothes, you will become part of this proud tradition.

Studio HennumEek

January 2022 we entered into a cooperation with the Norwegian Brand Agency Studio HennumEek. The vision behind the agency is to convey sustainable, timeless design to build long term brand values in the market. We are proud of being part of their society. We jointly work together towards our customers to achieve the best possible service to make our retailers proud and knowledgeable about ALBA´s quality and philosophy.

Studio HennumEek is located in Oscars gt. 32 in Oslo. Feel free to contact Inger-Marie: +47 920 38 301 or Ida: +47 938 57 344 for inquiries.