Premium essentials

Designed in Oslo | Crafted in Italy


The cold, crisp mornings is a clear sign that a new season is around the corner. The beautiful autumn pallet is an inspiration for ALBA’s muted colours but it’s also meditative to be outside and enjoy fresh, long walks in the surrounding local forest. Soon the first snow will paint the forest white; cold and calmness will follow and many of us will spend more time inside. It’s time to feel comfortable and warm with the best cashmere quality.

Investing in timeless essentials of premium quality is a sustainable choice. ALBA’s conscious production in 100% cashmere is made by artisans who have learned their skills through generations. It is pure handcraft making every piece unique.


Alba is a Norwegian brand based in Oslo. We create premium essentials crafted in Italy. Scandinavian simplicity combined with a continental flair makes Alba your everyday favourite of relaxed luxury.

We combine classic craftmanship with modern knowledge to produce high quality tights and cashmere knit, perfect for our Scandinavian lifestyle.

We believe in sustainable living and slow fashion that last for years. Buy quality, buy less, recycle and repair.

Alba means sunrise in Italian – and we wish you a wonderful day!


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We use natural fibres in order to make the most comfortable garments. Our cashmere clothes are all made from 100% Italian cashmere of the highest quality. Cashmere is one of finest raw materials in the world, known for its exquisite softness, lightness and warmth. This luxurious fibre is collected from the cashmere goat, Capra hircus, in northern China and Mongolia.

In ALBA hosiery we use MicroModal, a soft material made from beech wood. It’s all natural and the finest cellulose fibre available. We also use the sustainable botanical fibre bamboo. These natural fibres make ALBA hosiery a super soft, comfortable and sustainable choice.


As Scandinavians we love to feel comfortable, but we also like to put on our favourite dress and high heels. After many years working with Italian hosiery industry, we believe we have developed the ultimate ALBA SELECTION OF TIGHTS AND SOCKS that you need in your everyday life.

You will love the FINE CASHMERE BLEND TIGHTS at colder days, the soft BAMBOO TIGHTS all year round and the NANO FIBRE TIGHTS is your savior when you need to be formal or ready to party.

The SUPER SOFT KNEE HIGHS in MicroModal and cashmere is your secret to feel amazing every day. The COSY SOCKS in 100 % cashmere will keep you warm and relaxed in bed or snuggled up on the couch.


Cashmere is the softest fibre available, and if you have tried it once you will always remember the luxurious feeling.

Cashmere is exclusive and expensive, but you can wear it again and again for years. If you owe a cashmere garment you will feel comfortable in almost any occasion.



We are proud of our production, which takes place in northern Italy, where we collaborate with craftsmen and artisans who have learned their skills through generations. Wearing our clothes you will become part of this proud tradition.