Passion led us here

ALBA´s vision has from day one been to create a long lasting, timeless wardrobe you would like to keep forever. Our design can be worn for multiple occasions all year round. We only design clothes we think we really need. We are inspired by the Nordic minimalistic lifestyle, the muted colours we find in nature, [...]

Loro Piana- the yarn of excellence

ALBA cashmere knitwear is proudly produced with the exclusive yarn by Loro Piana. The Italian textile company Loro Piana is in addition of being a famous high quality fashion brand, a producer of the finest fibres in the world. At it´s historic Italian headquarters in Quarona, Lora Piana develops some of the most beautiful yarns [...]


We are pleased to know women whom in their own unique and personal way inspire us in ALBA. They share our passion for timeless quality and relaxed luxury.  They have been so generous to say “yes” to be ambassadors for ALBA and welcomed us to take photos in their homes. We are so grateful for [...]

Calm living by Cecilie

Our home is a reflection of us. It’s like an extension of our family and our personalities. It’s a place for playing music too loud, cooking, drinking wine, laughing, reading and working, it’s where we can feel safe, relaxed, happy and a place to be calm. Alba’s muted palette is inspired by nature’s tones, the [...]

Behind the “face” of our model Lea

Lea is ALBA´s model, and we have had the pleasure to get to know her through several photoshoots. She is a natural beauty, but has no previous experience as a model. We think she was very brave saying yes when we asked her to model. When you get to know new people, you can easily [...]

Get to know us

We all work to make a living and work plays a large part in how we define ourselves, but living requires more than income. Every day we need time to nourish our mind and soul. Being an entrepreneur is all about taking major risk, trust your inner gut, work hard and follow your dream. Dare [...]

Photo lecture for inspiration by founder of ALBA, Cecilie Refsum

Photo is an important part of ALBA´s visual identity. Through pictures we tell our story and communicate with our customers. In fact, the focus on images and the esthetic profile have been a key part from day one in creating the ALBA universe. A photo is something that will make you react, stop, look and [...]


Buy less – choose well
Be conscious and choose well when purchasing your clothes. We believe choosing high quality will make your wardrobe last longer. Take good care of your clothes. By doing this you can use your clothes for years, and is the most important thing you can do for the environment.

Alba Press

Korona satte norske Alba på pause – nå lanserer det utsatte strikkemerket MELK / HONNING | Søndag 13. september 2020 Til tross for at flere sliter som et resultat av koronakrisen, finnes det også de som satser. Bare i år har norske merker som Ilag med tidligere Varner-designer i spissen, sykollektivet Fæbrik med Jenny Skavlan [...]