We are pleased to know women whom in their own unique and personal way inspire us in ALBA. They share our passion for timeless quality and relaxed luxury.  They have been so generous to say “yes” to be ambassadors for ALBA and welcomed us to take photos in their homes. We are so grateful for the support you have provided us. Thank you!

Cecilie, Make-up artist

We took the camera home to Cecile’s good friend @ceciliegrevestrand and into her cozy, delicate living room where art and photographs fill walls and tables. Cecilie has worked freelance as a make-up artist in the film industry for over 30 years.

She has stood on her own two feet since she finished her education and cannot imagine an everyday life without this flexibility. Despite long filming days, hectic and changing work pace, occasionally biting cold on the set, this life in the film industry suits her perfectly.

The make-up chair is where you first appear on a film set, whether you are an extra in a commercial film or a superstar in a feature film – here you set the mood, and just calm and focus are key words.

When Cecilie is not working, you will find her in the kitchen or in an ice rink as the mother of an active ice-hockey player.

No one cooks like Cecilie, everything is made from scratch, new creative compositions, always delicate and all heavenly good, it is perhaps not so different from her job where creativity and the ability to act quickly is essential.

Cecilie has been one of Alba’s good supporters from the start.

Soft qualities, delicate colors and everything can be combined are some of the things she likes best.

We think she is super nice in Felicia robe together with Bruno scarf, and also Stella chill pants and Filippa v-neck vest. The Capri scarf is always with her.

Solmaz, DJ

With the camera in my bag, I meet barefoot and beautiful Solmaz at lunch in her home, with Sade at full strength as a perfect balance for this morning. The surroundings embrace her personality in the Penthouse apartment at Frogner, where she lives with her boyfriend. Here it is classical and modern art in a unique setting with heights, surfaces, light, and shadow that a photographer usually only can dream of.

Solmaz grew up his first years in Tehran, in a family where art, history, and music were very central.

When she was 11 years old, they moved to Norway and she has from beginning embraced and worked for freedom of expression, and rights and loved the Norwegian way of life.

At the same time, her Persian identity is very strong, and the memories are kept alive with among other things; music, as music and love are the most important things in Solmaz’s life – and as she elaborates, are closely connected

Solmaz is known to many from Oslo’s club environments as a profiled DJ for many years and have designed music profiles for Oslo fashion week, restaurants, store concepts, and other events. It’s impossible not to love her music, we of course share her Sound Cloud profile here.

Clothes and trends are her other great passions, and she has followed Alba with great enthusiasm from the start, and we take it as a great compliment that Solmaz is our ambassador! ‘Exclusive, comfortable, basic, and quality is her description, and we think she looks fantastic with both Felicia robe, Bianca throw, and Paula sweater & Stella chill pants!

We meet the autumn of 2021 with new styles, and with Solmaz ‘good, warm and empathetic energy along the way.

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Frøydis, Communications and external relations director at Lundin, Norway

Frøydis has followed our process from the very beginning and her sense and awareness for quality, timelessness, sustainability and least but not last her own personal style and taste is a great inspiration for ALBA. One of Frøydis favourite is the classic CARLA vest in the finest cashmere that suits perfect on formal and informal occasions, and we love how she wears it. We are so pleased that Frøydis is advising us when we decide our final touch on our styles.

Anette, graphic designer and founder of Blunderbuss

We brought along our camera and visited our good friend Anette in her home. She adores ALBA´s LAURA neck warmer and she uses it as an accessory both inside and outside the house. Anette is educated as a graphic designer and has for more than 15 years been heading Blunderbuss, with focus on editorial design. Her apartment is filled with books she has published, and her husband’s art. Anette has collected several awards for the art books she has designed with inspiration from her extended travel and years abroad. She has a clear personal style, and we love the way she combines trend with ALBA´s timeless qualities, which we find both inspiring and cool. Thank you for our visit and your unique style!

Anne-Cathrine, property manager at Vulkan Aspelin Ramm

Anne Cathrine is an ambitious woman with an ability to always look at the bright side of life and solve any issue! She has a unique sense for quality and functionality, together with her great interest in fashion and we are so proud she has chosen ALBA. Luxurious simplicity at is finest as she expresses it. Her enthusiasm, humour and desire for her surroundings makes every meeting with Anne-Cathrine uplifting. As a true football supporter you will find her at the field seven days a week. Thank you for your everlasting positive and warmhearted attitude as an ALBA ambassador.


Silje was one of ALBA´s first customers and she looks marvelous here in her CARLA vest and FELIX rib scarf. Unique architecture, art and a muted colour palette in her home was a perfect scenery for the photoshoot. Silje is a smart and intellectual woman with great interest in literature, art, design and in a sustainable lifestyle. She is religious scholar and has worked as a project manager and advisor. But life made a tough turn for Silje and she has had to fight off serious illness and today her time is spent with her family, close friends, nature, studies, yoga and her passion for weaving. At the old weave Silje finds harmony and peace at mind and working with natural fibres lets her creativity flow. We are so thankful that Silje is one of ALBA´s ambassador’s representing our values the best possible way.

Maria, yoga teacher (E-RYT500) and head of yoga at Aya yoga

When we designed our leg warmers we were inspired by Maria! She started her yoga journey in San Francisco almost a decade ago, and in addition to being a fulltime yoga instructor, she has found time to publish an instructional yoga book with sequences designed for your home practice. We are so happy Maria choose ALBA´s leg warmers in 100% cashmere when she practices, and she also loves her CARLA vest that fits perfectly to and from classes. Maria´s strong integrity combined with her passion and dedication is both admiring and inspiring, and that she wears ALBA with style everyday makes us very proud!

Elisabeth, graphic designer, Oslo Politi

Here is Elisabeth in her garden house that she has designed and built all by herself. She works as a graphic designer, she is very creative and has redefined the meaning of being energetic. We are so pleased that she has been one of our great supporters from day one in the creating of ALBA. Elisabeth IS timeless quality, and she is a great inspiration for her openminded, relaxed and thoughtfulness for her many friends. Elisabeth is hard working, tremendously positive and absolutely nothing can stop her. Cashmere is her no 1 choice!

Camilla, founder of Bursdagsbarna and author of «I desember”

Camilla is author of the book «I desember» and one of our great ambassadors. Camilla loves traditions and has great respect for the history that she is surround by in her beautiful and unique home.  She loves to create the perfect atmosphere for her close friends and family. Camilla loves art and is not afraid of mixing modern art with old and classic treasures. As soon as you enter her home you feel the good vibes and her warmhearted care for you as a friend or visitor, she serves delicious tea in the most beautiful cups and with her own produced and labelled honey! That’s Camilla. CARLA vest is her everyday favourite, thank you for being such a wonderful ambassador!

Kari, Cecilie`s mother

Kari has been a tremendous supporter the whole way and she is a part of testing the quality of our garments. As a mature women she knows exactly what she wants to surround herself with.

Comfortable and elegant quality garments in natural materials that gives a feeling of freedom and everyday luxury. We think Kari looks fantastic in her CARLA vest! Kari is a master of Reiki and has been running her own practice for many years. Today she finds peace and happiness in sharing care and warmth for her closest and dearest. She still practice Reiki every day and still follow up on her clients.

Thank you for your everlasting positivity and enthusiasm!

All photos taken by Cecilie Refsum, owner Alba

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