A countryside escape

Sometimes we need a change of scenery. To move our focus to a new place is sometimes a necessity to create new work.
Calmness and an awareness of our breath and senses can give you refreshing energy and new perspectives.
As entrepreneurs we constantly seek inspiration and fulfillment in our desire to develop our lifestyle brand ALBA Oslo.
It’s a never-ending cycle!

Helene Kilde, Tisvildeleie:
A small pitoresque village located on the north coast of the island Sjælland, Denmark.
I had my summer vacations here as a youngster and remember the place as a true summer dream.
To go back now and visit here again with new eyes as a photographer brings it all back to me again,
The chill and  the fresh sea air coming straight at you from the Kattegat is no less than breathtaking.
(Cecilie in November-21)

Vipp, Lolloland
The furthest south you get in Denmark is a small peninsular in the Baltic Sea called Lolland.
This area is flat even to be in Denmark…
The climate here makes very good conditions for agriculture and the mystique mist and the wide light makes this a twilight zone for a photographer.
The feeling of solitude and melancholy was present throughout the stay.
( Cecilie in February-22)

All photos taken by Cecilie Refsum, owner Alba

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