Customers sometimes finds it difficult to decide the right size.
We have simplified your size options to S/M and M/L.

S/M cover sizes 36-40
M/L cover sizes 40-44

Tights are a very flexible textile that shape itself to fit your body.
The main difference between the two sizes are the length of the leg and body part. That means the textile will form itself to your shape either you are tall, slim, shorter or more curvy.

Two examples:
You are tall with long legs:
You should choose size M/L even if you are slim and usually wear size 38. You will need the fabric for your length.

You are short and more curvy:
You should choose size M/L, because you will need the fabric for the width.

Are you still uncertain which size to choose?
Don’t hesitate to contact us for our guidance.
+ 47 48119201 (10-16)